Positioning your pharmaceutical asset so that it meets the requirements of potential licensing partners is critical to ensure maximum value.

CMC documentation Perceived deficiencies and expectations that arise during due diligence can become major negotiating sticking points.

DSI works with our clients to develop folder structures with key documents, narratives, and a folder structure that facilitates review. Narratives summarize key technical points and provide a logical and scientifically cohesive development history that due diligence reviewers can follow. The summary narratives also provide present plans to address any deficiencies and minimize the impact of any real or perceived ‘blemishes’.

Rather than filling an electronic data room with disorganized documents, DSI can provide you with the manpower and resources to structure information and minimize unnecessary red flags. Organization and a good presentation of CMC documentation can improve the perception of the CMC program as being on track and supportive of the proposed clinical program.